Celebrating the Spirit of Freedom

By Maahi Shah, Grade 10

Celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav, The Riverside School commemorated India 75th Independence in an unparalleled way through deliberate exchange of views, acquisition of knowledge, thinking routines and various other activities. The hoisted flag at the campus was noticed by all that evoked a feeling of immense pride and patriotism.

The youngest and budding minds impressed us with their informed perspectives and awareness about Indian Independence.  Key-Stage 1 immersed itself into storytelling of how India gained freedom and learnt about the innumerable and valorous freedom fighters. Followed by that, was a quiz for the young ones on the fundamental parts of Indian Freedom Struggle.

Key-Stage 2 leveled themselves up and dug deeper into the narrative of India. Several grades read the well-known book ‘We The Children of India,’ a beautiful and elementary piece on breaking-down the preamble. It helped the children contemplate what their homeland stands for and this book by Leila Seth was the perfect way to simply understand the Constitution of India. Sequentially, they went on to participate in a quiz held by the Well-Spring teacher, Vinita Ma’am. The quiz grilled them into the depths of the timeline of freedom, famous personalities, the Indian democratic and the republic system. The competitive mode allowed them to enhance and enrich their knowledge on the same. For extended resources, they were provided videos to watch concerning the integral movements that led to independence. To culminate, they had a ‘Just A Minute,’ activity during which every speaker got the chance to talk on their assigned topic on theme ‘India’.  

“The celebration was fun and I think it helped me in getting to know more about India’s freedom movement.” -Reeti Shah, Grade 4

As for the senior grades, we delved deeper into the specifics of the Indian freedom movement and also break free of all notions about it. For that, the entire Key-Stage 3 had an expert interventions by Mr Rutul Joshi and Mr. Mitul Shelat which helped in gaining another perspective through a lens of India today. The preamble of India was decoded and the relevance was re-established among the students, once again. The common quiz was brought here too, with different levels to qualify. The excitement and zest that it built in the students was truly admirable. After understanding more of India and about India through multiple dimensions, the elocution was organized. A few speakers across Grade 6 to 11 spoke on ‘The Idea of India Needs To Be Recreated.’


 “Throughout this celebration, I was provided with an insightful delve into my cultural roots and learnt how even a miniscule variation of a word in India’s preamble, could have led it to have completely different ideals.” -Vedika Parikh, Grade 10

The enlightening experience was a new way to celebrate our Indian independence day and take a deep dive into the history of the country we belong to.  This Riverside way of cohesively doing everything meaningfully with a definite goals certainly vouches for the motto we thrive on ‘I-Can’ ‘We-Can’

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